PSRL Cup Rules & Regulations

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UPDATED 3/28/2014 

All races will be run on the PSRL server with a admin present to count, NO exceptions!


Races will be run on Sunday nights unless otherwise noted or special events dictate.


All races will be 35% in distance unless noted in the weekly RDI.


Damage for all points races will be set to realistic.


Full pace lap on.


Yellow flags on.


Double file restarts on.


Weather set to actual site conditions at the start of practice.


Open setup racing for all points races, fixed setups for non points or "special events" is up to administration. 


No restarts for any reason except server connection issues, (admin call) Once the green flag waves and starts the race it counts.


In the extreme case of server connection issues and we are disconnected (mass boot), The event must be passed the halway to count. 50% of the laps completed by the leader only. This will only be counted if exact proof is show to set the final running order. Or all drivers agree to a final result. In the unfortunate event proof or agreement dont arise the race will be "scratch" and we move to the next race on the schedule.


Points calculation will be done with Rathbones in the following manner, 43 points 1st place, 1 point 43rd place. One bonus point for leading a lap and 1 bonus point for leading the most laps.


Chase drivers are seated 1st through 10th starting at 2000 points,  then add one point for each win during the regular season for a total points sum for the start of the chase. A win in any playoff round automatically qualifies you for the next round no matter your points position at round end.


Starting with the 2016 season a playoff scenario will be in effect. The rounds will be as follows:



"The Qualified 10" - Top 10 drivers following 26 regular season races. Reset to 2000 and add one point for each regular season win to start the chase.



"The Great 8" - Top 8 drivers after Chicagoland, New Hampshire and Dover. Reset to 2500 points, add one point per win from round 1.



"The Slick 6" - Top six drivers after Charlotte, Kansas and Talladega. Reset to 3000 points add one point per win from round 2.



"The Final 4" - Top 4 drivers after Martinsville, Texas and Phoenix. Reset to 3500 points add one point per win from round 3.


Provisional points scoring starts at the end of final running order.


 Substitute drivers are not allowed, each registered driver receives 3 provisional points entries and they may be used at any time during the season.


Provisionals are scored in the order they are received.


Provisionals are to be sent in within 24 hours of the conclusion of the event they are intented to be used for.


PSRL 2K3 Cup reserves the right to add new regulations post races as needed.


                   Section Two - Conduct & Interaction


1.  ONE car file per entry.


2.  No fighting,harrassing,arguing,bickering or other disruptive activity will be tolerated.


3.  No profanity.


4.  No chatting during qualifying and green flag runs. (2 TIMES = PROMPT EJECTION)


5.  Field is frozen when the yellow flag comes out. racing back to the yellow is only exceptable inside 10 laps to go. Lucky Dog rule does not apply inside 10 to go for restarts.    


6.  Do not pass before the start/finish line on starts and re-starts.


6b. NO PASSING TO THE OUTSIDE, YOU MUST MAINTAIN YOUR POSITION UNTIL YOU CROSS THE START FINISH LINE. The car rows will be defined as " from the nose of the car to the start of the left front fender tire opening at the moment the cars cross the start finish line.


7.  No jumping or laying back on starts and re-starts. This will be closely monitored and will draw a points fine every time.


8.  Lucky Dog rule is the first car a lap or more down. Provided they didnt bring out the caution.


9. No excessive blocking, defined as mirror driving to prevent someone from passing. Blocking or mirror driving is only acceptable inside two laps to go.


9b.( 2/23/15) - Low lining is not acceptable until the leader takes the "two to go" signal from his spotter.


10.  No exceptions on black flags.  You must observe all black flags and if DQ'ed for black flag infraction, no points will be awarded for that event. UPDATE 1/22/10 - In the event a wrongful black flag was received and a replay can be provided from the driver that shows the incident in question, it will be considered.


11. Bump drafting is acceptable but will be monitored closely for excessive or improper use(and may also draw a points fine.)


12. Use track lay-out as designed. Pitting entry and exits per Nextel Cup rules. 1/22/10 - UPDATE - When entering pits signal by auto chat on the backstretch before you enter and when exiting pits stay below the inbound line until you reach the backstretch, both sets of wheels must stay below the line. NO EXCEPTIONS!   


13. Signal all pit stop entries and exits in a timely manner. No auto chat faking green flag stops.


13-A. 1/22/10 - Point of commitment for pit stops under yellow and green, defined each week in the RDI page for the point when you must pit and not return to the track surface above the inbound line without at least passing down pit road. You are not required to stop in your stall.


13 -B. - 1/22/10 - Never drive across ANY grass median to avoid pit lane.


14. On caution flags the leader should pace field to turn 3 and wait for the pace car.


15. Do not hold up pace line. This will draw a one lap black flag penalty.


16. No over agressive driving during green flag runs. No intended contact with other cars under yellow. No tire warming. 


17. PSRL 2K3 Cup reserves the right to ammend, alter, or change rules to better the racing experience post races. We are still in a steady learning curve, adjustments may be nessicary.


17B - PSRL reserves the right to terminate or deny membership to this league for any reason administration deems valid. This rule covers a wide area and will be simply considered "Actions Detrimental to Sim Car Racing".    


    Section Three - Post Race Inspection

 Administration has added the following policy for all PSRL events starting immediately. Screenshot verification for post race inspection.



 Taking a screen shot is as simple as hitting the "print screen" button on your keyboard thus creating a file in your Papyrus/Nascar 2003 Season main folder. This file will be named NR2003ss001 and 002 and so on. This is a tga file.

Upon completion of a race event a administrator will advise the drivers as to what they need to do and how it is to be done. Please stay connected to the server after a race event to make sure your name is not one of the random drivers chosen for PR inspection. You may be required to take more than one screen shot or a screen shot of different windows within the sim. These are to be mailed into administration immediately after they are taken. DO NOT alter the tga file in any fashion, administration can view all types of files but ONLY tga images will be accepted.



In some cases a tga image created by "print screen" will show up as a all black picture without any visible image. This can be corrected by using FRAPS. You can download a copy of that software at It is a fully working software, although it has "fraps" watermarks for non purchasers it will do the job properly. When you install Fraps it will create a file on your hard drive call "Fraps". Inside that folder there is a folder called screenshots, you will find the file there. Make sure you know which keyboard key is the one for screen shots with Fraps,  It will also follow the same file name.  It is not important which race view you are using, the "F" key dialog box must be visible.


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